Buzport.com A New One-Stop Shop for International Calling Services

London, UK (PRWEB) June 02, 2011

In the rapidly evolving world of VoIP telecommunications, Buzport, a highly ambitious international calling service has stepped into the ring to provide a wide array of end to end mobile user services for the global population. With the growing need to communicate on a dizzying variety of mobile devices, landlines and instant messengers Buzport has developed the technology to allow to people to talk to each other regardless of how and where the call originates.

“We’re acting as your global VoIP mobile operator,” noted founder and CEO Igor Avdonin. “You can place a call from anywhere in the world to any other destination and the end cost will only depend on the price of local gateways between the Internet and your local telephone network, not on the distance of the call. Our goal is to get people used to the fact that calling overseas is as easy and probably as cheap as making a local call on the go.”

“With a single account Buzport customers can meet all of their international calling needs from a PC, mobile phone or landline, both at home and on the move.”

Once signed up customers have three options for initiating a call. They may choose to start a call with SMS texting on a mobile phone. Users may also use SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) to make calls from PC’s or SIP-enabled hardware phones to mobile phones, landlines or any internet-based phones.

In addition to connecting mobile phones, landlines and softphones, Buzport can also be used to connect to and from internet messengers like Skype, MSN, GTalk, ICQ and Yahoo! Phone numbers and IDs used in messengers are treated in the same manner as regular phone numbers. As a result users can make calls between any combination of different terminal devices.

When SIP or internet messenging is used, the originating segment of the call is free and the customer will only pay for connecting to the destination phone. And if both sides are PC/internet based (SIP or messenger) the call is completely free. With Buzport customers only pay for airtime, no other fees are incurred.

Buzport has stated that it will be coming out with new features shortly including a pin-less calling card to facilitate calls from landlines, providing another way to initiate a call with a familiar calling card functionality for those customers who have grown accustomed to making cheap international calls in this way.

About Buzport
Buzport has provided VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) telecommunications services since 2010. Buzport utilizes cutting edge proprietary technology, a powerful server-side platform, mobile and web-based applications, developed by some of the best engineers in the modern telecom world. We are very ambitious and excited about the use and future development of our VoIP telephoning technology. Visit our website at http://buzport.com/


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