iRig Delivers the First Handlheld Condenser Mic for the iPhone & Skype Bids Farewell to Oprah


iRig Mic Brings Big Sound to iPhone and iPad in the form of a condenser mic

IK Multimedia bills its iRig Mic as “the first handheld, quality condenser microphone for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.” We’re not sure if it’s the first — we’ve seen other microphones for the iPhone in the past, but it is certainly one of the better units available.

Congrats to China on reaching 900 million mobile phone users.

PayPal Mobile generating $6M daily in total payment volume

Mobile payment volume on PayPal Mobile is expected to more than double by year’s end to cross $2 billion.


Skype Delivers a Farewell to Oprah

For Skype, we’ve had the honor and privilege of participating in the Oprah Show for three wonderful years. I remember when the first call took place between Skype’s team and Oprah’s team talking about how to use Skype on air.

Skype Founder Niklas Zennstrom Says Microsoft Has a Huge Opportunity with their new purchase.

Skype founder Niklas Zennstrom admitted that Skype’s full potential hasn’t been realized yet – there is a lot more work to do on the core technology to improve quality of video calls as it is.

Telecoms Fraud Survey: Subscription Fraud Still Biggest Concern; Data Fraud a Future Threat

Subscription fraud is still the most prevalent fraud type faced by telecoms operators today, but data fraud is seen as an issue for the future, according to a recent survey by Neural Technologies.

The world’s most powerful internet and media barons assembles at special G8 summit

French President Nicolas Sarkozy kicked off the gathering in Paris, hailing the assembled players as the leaders of the “internet revolution”, nevertheless warning that with their power comes great responsibility.

G-8 Leaders Themselves to Call for Tighter Internet Regulation

The G-8 leaders will urge the adoption of measures to protect children from online predators, to strengthen privacy rights and to crack down on digital copyright piracy

Broadband Forum’s new specification addresses DSL home networking quality

While the initial work of the Broadband Forum and its predecessor, the DSL Forum, looked at triple play services, the new specification takes into account how service providers can manage a growing set of connected devices, including embedded machine-to-machine devices for metering and monitoring, as well as teleworking support.

Sony says hacker stole 2,000 records from Canadian site

Close to 1,000 of the records have already been posted online by a hacker calling himself Idahc, who says he’s a “Lebanese grey-hat hacker.”


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