Google’s Mobile Payments, Speeding up Your iPhone 3G and Skype for Asterisk is Dead

Looks nobody is happy with the proposed AT&T acquisition of T-Mobile. Senators, CEOs and members of the FCC have all took turns objecting. Now Doug Hutcheson, president and CEO at Leap and Cricket Wireless has added his two cents.

A competitive marketplace is critical to wireless innovation – and small and mid-sized carriers such as Cricket are driving that innovation

A Mobile Network Operator survey that 25% respondents not PCI DSS compliant and 35% of respondents unaware of potential penalties for non-compliance.

A survey conducted by Vesta Corporation, a global pioneer and leader in electronic payments, has revealed over a quarter of Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) are not compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).

Is Google’s Mobile Payments Strategy Ready?

Google apparently is ready to articulate its mobile-payments strategy, and is reportedly going to unveil a service with Sprint and several major retailers, including Macy’s and Subway, on May 26, 2011.

By 25th May 2011, Europeans will enjoy new rights and services regarding phones, mobile and Internet. 

New EU telecoms rules to ensure a more competitive telecoms sector and better services for customers are due to be implemented in national law by this date. They include the right for customers to switch telecoms operators in just one day without changing their phone number, the right to more clarity about the services customers are offered and better protection of personal data online.

Vonage Co-Founder, Jeff Pulver, speaks on the Social Revolution

Three of his favorite words are “fear, greed, and disruption.” He said these words have “affected the way we all communicate in business.

Here’s 3 tips on Speeding Up that iPhone 3G

I’ve needed my iPhone 3G to do quite a bit more lately and came to a shocking conclusion, device lifetimes are getting WAY too short for me!

R.I.P. Skype for Asterisk

I think it’s simple housecleaning on Skype’s part. Skype for Asterisk has little usage, is redundant with existing and future Skype products, and offers no revenue to speak of.


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